Our unique design process allows you complete control over your finished custom designed piece.

  1. Drawing – This initial step is the first in the creative process. At times our customers will bring in a scrap of paper with a hastily sketched idea scrawled on it. Other clients prefer to have us sketch their idea while they describe it to us. Either way, this step sets the tone for the rest of the production.
  2. 3D Modeling – Once the design has been settled on, we use 3d modeling software to provide you with photorealistic images of your finished piece. Modifications can be made at this stage to allow you to perfect the design.
  3. Wax Carving and 3D printing – This 3D model is then used to carve or print an exact replica of the jewelry in wax. This allows you to get a sense of the weight, thickness and final look of the finished piece. Revisions can be made at this stage if necessary.
  4. Casting – With the wax carving approved, it is time to cast. We take a lot of pride in our casting abilities and our years of experience. Our attention to detail helps produce finished pieces that are of superior quality and free from pits and voids.
  5. Finishing – After casting, the jewelry piece needs to be finished. Contours are smoothed and edges are refined and polished with precision, jewels are set and the finished piece is ready for show.