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General quotes can be given over the phone, but actual prices will be discussed upon inspection of the piece

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Red Deer Goldsmiths is a one stop, full service jewelry retail and service shop. We specialize in custom design and jewelry repairs. We stock a variety of gold and silver chains, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, precious and semi-precious, and lab grown and synthetic gem stones. Red Deer Goldsmiths was established in 1978 by Victor and Gea Phagoo. They have been a staple in Red Deer Downtown ever since. This Family business is run by Victor, Gea, the Daughter Pamela Hanson, and Son Curtis Phagoo

Why Choose Us for Ring Repair

Your Trusted Choice for Ring Repair

Jewelry Repair

Count on our swift and efficient ring repair services. We understand the value of your jewelry, and we're here to get your rings back to their pristine condition in no time.

Jewelry Restoration/cleaning

Bringing jewelry back to its former glory takes patience, skill, and the right tools. We are prepared to invest the time, care, and use the most leading technology and time-honoured traditions to make your pieces shine.

Ring sizing

At Red Deer Goldsmiths, you will have your ring and finger size accessed by an actual goldsmith. This will guarantee the right fit and provide an opportunity to catch any repairs or concerns that may need to be addressed.

Stone replacement

When it comes to stones, we know what we're looking at. With the best suppliers in the industry, the right stone is always just a day or two away.

Chain Repairs

Chains are fine work. With our 30X microscope and laser welding system, we were able to flawlessly repair the chain.

Claw repairs

Like anything, if your jewelry is worn, it will need to be maintained. Have your claws inspected annually to guarantee you don't lose those precious stones. Your claws can be assessed while you wait.


repairing a break, joining a wedding set, or repairing a chain—these jobs require high-quality soldering. We use the highest quality silver and gold (10 kt, 14 kt, and 18 kt) solders and guarantee our repairs.

Gold/Rhodium Plating

The most brilliant white gold is rhodium-plated and maintained annually, depending on the ware. We also provide yellow gold plating in 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and black rhodium plating.

Jewelry Appraisals

When it comes to jewelry, we know what we're looking at. If you are curious about what you have or need an appraisal update for insurance, we can help.

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Please note that general quotes can be given over the phone, but actual prices will be discussed upon inspection of the piece. All repairs are done on site, and typically take one week

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